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LED recessed spots

INTOLED is a wholesaler of high quality Cree LED downlights. We provide an extensive range, this Cree LED downlights can be used for many applications.This Cree LED spotlights are high-quality products and provide a warm light color. We specialize in lighting for patio roofs, porches, awnings and many more uses. Also these mini downlights are suitable for interior lighting for ceiling, restaurants, bars, shops and many more places! By focusing on this niche market, we offer a wide range of LED lighting and we have every right solution. In our product we offer: LED lighting which is compatible with somfy, LED lighting which is compatible with Nice, dimmable LED lighting remote control and non-dimmable downlights. The warm light color of the spot creates a beautiful atmosphere in every room. These sets are available with 6, 8, 10, and 12 spots. Also you can driver up to 240 downlights with one remote control! We provide standard 3-year warranty on the Cree LED spotlights and 2 up to 5 years on these transformers. By replacing your traditional lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting takes your energy consumption up to 90% off! LED lighting enables you to recoup your investment within one year.


This Cree LED spotlight are applicable both indoors and outdoors for example, your porch, canopy or carport. Note, however, that if the transformer is placed outdoors it should always be placed in a waterproof casing and may also adequately ventilated. We also have in our range of IP67 transformers, which you can use without a waterproof housing.


This Cree LED spot sets come fully plug and play, making them quick and easy to assemble everbody.

We advise you which lights set best fits your situation. From our range LED spotlight sets complete, we offer the following types:

  • Model Lavanto, Cree LED downlight kit with tilting spots
  • Model Milano, Cree LED downlight kit with no tilting spots

Do not wait to save and order your LED spotlight set, all models have been within one to three working days!

If you have questions about our LED spotlight sets? Call quickly tel: +31 (0) 452-08 01 28 or send an email to info@into-led.com

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